The Castle of la Gabelle and the Blanc family: from land to stone.

Castle of la Gabelle, producers of organic lavender in Provence and high-quality organic gourmet products.

The Castle of la Gabelle is a 12th-century building that takes its name from the salt tax once levied in the region. The castle was once held by the Mévouillon, a very powerful family of the region, whose influence was halted by Louis XIV with the dismantling of their lordship.

It was in 1838 that the saga of the Castle of la Gabelle began for the Blanc family, then the Roux family, when François-Xavier acquired this Provençal building. A lavender production was then launched on the domain’s lands. Over the years, the family settled in Buis-les-Baronnies. The castle was left abandoned, but not the lands. The family continued to cultivate the flower and also ventured into other typical crops of the region.

But in 1960, life reinvested the castle’s walls. That year, Pierre Blanc, a descendant of the Roux family, inherited the castle thanks to legacies from his mother and distant cousins. He settled there with his beautiful Lombard wife, Margherita. In this authentic and wild place, the couple devoted themselves to the estate’s operation and the education of their 7 children.

However, life at the castle was tough. Bad harvests followed one another, and the building’s condition continued to deteriorate. The decision was then made by Pierre and Margherite to open guest rooms to subsist in years when the harvest was tough and to finance the necessary restoration work.

Following Pierre’s death, Margherite entrusted the land to her two sons and embarked on colossal works to breathe new life into this castle. Twenty years later, two wings are restored, but one remains in very poor condition.

Today, with passion and pride, the clan, enriched with 17 grandchildren, fights to preserve this heritage. The two sons, Jean-Paul and Michel, took over the 200-hectare estate, assisted by their own sons, Rémi, Cyril, and Théo. The guest room and holiday cottage hosting is managed by Isabelle, one of Margherite’s five daughters. As for the shop, which offers organic and locally handcrafted products made with farm produce, it’s managed by Inès, the granddaughter.

Everyone strives to make this castle an enchanting and iconic place of Upper Provence.

Blanc Family, organic lavender growers in Provence and small spelt, a family project of heritage restoration.