An estate upholding our values.

Farmers in Provence who produce lavender, lavandin, and small spelt organically, selling directly from a family estate.
Lavender honey from Provence, sold directly by the beekeeper on an organic estate.

Certified organic for over 15 years, the estate of the castle primarily grows lavender, lavandin, and small spelt.

Lavender has been cultivated here since the family settled in 1838. Its cultivation method has changed significantly over time, but the traditional expertise passed down has allowed us to develop methods to produce quality lavender in any form. Today, it is primarily offered as floral water, essential oil, dried flowers, edible flowers, or bouquets.

The transition to organic farming brought back the cultivation of small spelt. Indeed, this cultivation method requires crop rotation on the lands to preserve the natural mineral renewal cycle in the soil. Being a typical and traditional crop, it was natural for us to choose this cereal.

Margherite is also a beekeeper. Her “daughters,” as she likes to call them, thrive on our lands and allow us to have lavender honey harvested from our fields.

We work together as a family daily to protect this environment.

Choosing organic for us means protecting this environment by offering you quality products that are good for health and allowing you to discover us in a high-quality setting beneficial to your health.

We aim to provide you with the best for your well-being, thinking about the future, so that this castle can continue to withstand the test of time, always offering the best it has to unveil.