An estate to defend our values

agriculteurs en Provence qui font de la lavande du lavandin et du petit épeautre sur le mode de l'agriculture biologique en vente directe sur un domaine familial
miel de lavande de Provence en vente directe chez l'apiculteur sur un domaine bio

Certified organic farming for over 15 years, the estate is mainly grown in lavender, lavandin and einkorn.

Lavender has been cultivated here since the family settled down in 1838. Its cultivation method has changed for a long time, but the traditional know-how we acquired enabled us to cultivate high quality lavender in all its forms. Today, it is mainly available in floral water, essential oil, dried flowers, flower for food and infusions or bouquets.

Einkorn has been reintroduced through the transition to organic farming. Indeed, this cultivation mode involves a rotation of crops on land in order to preserve the normal renewal cycle of natural minerals contained in the soil. Typical and traditional cereal, the choice of this cereal was obvious.

Margherite is also a beekeeper. Her “daughters,” as she likes to call them, enjoy themselves here and allow us to have the lavender honey foraged on our lands.

We work as a family on a daily basis to protect this environment.

The choice of organic is for us a way to protect this, by offering quality products, good for health, and to come in a quality setting, beneficial to your health.

We wish to offer you the best for your well-being, while thinking of tomorrow, so that this castle continues to cross the ages, always offering the best of what it has to reveal.