Lavender honey 500g


Lavender honey reputation is not to build anymore! This white honey has a very subtle taste thanks to the bees’ work during lavender blossoming period. Unfortunately, it becomes more and more hard to find, but still remains a delicious dish, slowly melting in mouth.

Used as a cataplasm, this honey is very helpful for burns and its antiseptic properties.

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Crystallisation: Crystallisation is a natural phenomenon on lavender honey, giving it its white colour with time. First very creamy and more in yellow shades, crystallisation gives it its final coulour that can be more or less white according to the concentration of lavender nectar. However, it is more rough on lavender honey than other types of honey. For a quicker crystallisation, keep in a cool place however we strongly recommend to prefer cellar to fridge to protect the property of the products that may be affected by the low temperature of the fridge.

Volume: 500g

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Weight800 g
Dimensions6,5 × 6,5 × 12 cm
pour filtrage

Gourmet, Sweet delicatessen, The Beehive

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